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Athenian Agora Preliminary Reports
글쓴이: 김창성
조회: 194
등록시간: 2019-12-13 08:39:56

Athenian Agora Preliminary Reports

Posted: 11 Dec 2019 02:17 PM PST

[First posted in AWOL 7 May 2017, updated 11 December 2019]

Athenian Agora Preliminary Reports

[Agora Report] 2019 Excavations: Agora 2019 - Summary Report

John McK. Camp II ... Excavations were carried out in four sections: in Section ΝΝ in the southwest corner of the archaeological site, and in the northwest corner of the Agora in Sections ΒΖ, ΒΘ East and ΒΘ West. Section ΝΝ ... 10 Jun-2 Aug 2019


[Agora Report] 2018 Excavations: Summary Report - Agora 2018

John McK. Camp II ... Excavations were carried out in Sections ΒΘ, ΒΖ and Ω. In Section ΒΘ the investigations continued in the area in front of and above the Stoa Poikile. In ΒΘ East, built into a late structure, a large inscribed ... 11 Jun-3 Aug 2018


[Agora Report] 2017 Excavations: Agora Volunteer Report 2017

John McK. Camp II ... Excavations took place in three sections, ΒΘ, ΒΖ and ΟΟ, covering a time span from the 14th century B.C. to the 12th century A.D. In Section ΒΘ work continued in later layers over and in front of the Stoa ... 12 Jun-4 Aug 2017


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