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Call for Papers - JGRS (2018, Winter)
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등록시간: 2018-09-10 19:18:27

​​Dear Members of GRS,

The editorial board of GRS encourages you to submit your papers for Journal of GRS 57-3(2018, Winter) as follows.


l Manuscript Submission Deadline: October 30th, 2018.

l A contributor of a manuscript must be registered as an on-line member until October 30th, 2018, by visiting our Home-page (http://www.greco-roman.or.kr). It is recommended for the contributor to upload a file of the manuscript directly at the site. (But if she/he finds it difficult, she/he may send a file to the email address: greco_roman@naver.com.)

l This issue is an international version, and the manuscript should be written in English, in German, or in French.

l The manuscript should not exceed the length of 6000 words, unless the contributor gets the permission from the editorial board. The manuscript should include an abstract and about 5 keywords in English. Even if the manuscript is written in German or in French, the abstract and the keywords should be in English.

l We welcome research notes, book reviews, and reports of international conferences.

l The accepted papers will be published in the Journal of Greco-Roman Studies 57-3, on December 31th, 2018.

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